Looking for thoughts on my first video: Australia in 3 minutes


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Hello everyone, I am new here and recently got into learning videography and filmmaking.

I am primarily interested in creating travel content, here is my first attempt from my trip to Australia:

Any feedback at all is appreciated! I definitely learned a lot from my first project, such as making sure clips are as steady as possible as using warp stabiliser on Premiere doesn't always yield the best results. I was learning Premiere Pro as I went basically.

Thank you a lot in advance and I can't wait to be a regular member of these forums! :)

Kim Welch

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Great shots but for some reason a little box came up towards the end with the crowds that said this video is unavailable.
Video No Available-Screenshot_2020-05-2.png

Maura N.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Your video has some amazing scenes of Australia, dynamic transitions, overall, it is a very nice video!