Looking for specific sound effect/music for a video. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE


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Hey buddies,

I am new to this forum, I signed up because I need some help and it looks I made the right choice- I hope so :p :p

I'm working on video for a school project. At the end one of the actors ask a question which is actually the same as the slogan of our graduation so it's a very important shot, very important ending.

I am looking for a, should I call it, progressive music that starts low and calm then progressively gets more intense, it stops when the actor asks the question then a BOOM and black screen!

I can easily found the boom and edit the effect so it stops before the question.
But can you help at least with the keywords I should use to find such progressive "sound effect"?

By the way, the hot is no more than 13 seconds, so nothing too long...

And to be more accurate, I am looking for nothing musical, let me say only beats?! Something like the music before they announce results in game shows but not exactly the same! I don't know if you get me right guys :p :pI hope you will!

Best wishes


These types of sound effects are often referred to as a "riser."