Looking for Short Films to Score


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Hey there!

I'm Alissa and I am a third year student at Catalyst Berlin Institute of Creative Arts and Technology, formally known as dBs Music Berlin. Anyone who has a short film in the genre of Horror or Romance, or any other genre and is looking for a film scorer please feel free to contact me and send me the film as I would love to send you a demo score and if you are satisfied with it I'd love to further work with you. I am willing to score for free of charge, as this will strengthen my experience.

My contact email is: alissa.w@catalyst-students.com


Alissa J

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Hello Alissa and welcome to our forums!

I am always happy to see hard working creative people doing their best to improve their skills. With this mindset and attitude, I am confident that you will work on amazing projects in the future! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you will post on the forums a few projects that you will get to work on in the future!