Looking for a screenwriter or filmmaker to turn novel into film


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Hello, I am seeking to have my book treatment reviewed for a film. I'm wondering if any student filmmakers would be interested in a new film project.

My book, Angel or Dream, is a newly published novel about a thrilling and erotic forbidden love story of a recently divorced female, Inez Uhuru, her boyfriend, Joseph Walcott, and a married man, Thaddeus Parrish. At first sight, Thaddeus and Inez, builds an uncontrollable bond. Inez fights back against the stronghold Thaddeus appears to have on her, but an ominous existence proves stronger. Inez and Thaddeus fall in love and eventually enters an extramarital affair. The affair is met with numerous obstacles. Ultimately, Inez and Thaddeus stumble into an unconventional way to stay together, despite all odds. Even death doesn't discourage their bond.

Please let me know if interested by emailing me at booksbysusau@gmail.com.
Thank you