Is gaffer above key grip?


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I have seen there are multiple jobs in the industry, such as grip, key grip, best boy or gaffer and I am not familiar with these titles. I know what a gaffer is. I don’t know the hierarchy. Is Gaffer above key grip?
The Gaffer knows what needs to be done, and where the lights should be placed. The Grip does the actual work and places the lights.

The Gaffer is the Chief Lighting Technician. He designs and executes the lighting plan. His head assistant is called the Best Boy. The ELT are responsible for getting power to the set.
Then, there is the Grip Department. The Key Grip works with the DP to have the correct lighting. The Key Grip is in charge of the physical camera movement as well. Then, the Key Grip has an assistant, called the Best Boy Grip. And the Grips are the ones that work with non-electrical components of light and camera setups, such as tripods or cranes. There is also the dolly grip. They push and pull the dolly during filming.
The Key Grip and Gaffer have different tasks. The Gaffer works mostly with electrical equipment. The Key Grip works mostly to move all your gear on set like tripods, cranes etc.

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