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Hello everyone

My name’s Jonny and I’m the developer of the new website Sound Network is a new recruitment site and job board especially made for those working in music and audio, and will cover everything from Film/TV, Music, Video games, Audiobooks and podcasts. If you're a creator, especially in Tv and Film, or looking for someone to work on your project, head over to the new site to connect with people across the music and audio-post worlds.

Because much of the work we do in this industry is project and remote based, the site is partly aimed towards those recruiters and job seekers working project to project and the option to search/post based on location and whether the job is remote or not. There is definitely still an allocation for recruiting for full-time and contracted positions, and is easy to navigate between the two.

How we differ from similar sites you may have seen, is we do not take any monetary percentage from individuals' work, and even better, posting a job is always free. We also are implementing a unique feature we call the talent network, which will be a paid feature, that will enable recruiters to search through the profiles of our members and headhunt specifically based on the skills you are looking for. Since posting a job is free, we are trying to encourage all members to reach out in the community and collaborate, not only non-audio people looking for an individual, but musicians working with other musicians and so forth, and hopefully the ease in which the site works will make connecting easier than ever before.

Any questions about our service, or need any help, please feel free to shoot us a message here or over at our new facebook page HERE (giving that a like would be fab as well!)

All the best,

The Sound Network Team

Maura N.

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Hello and welcome to our community! :D
Thank you for letting everyone know about this opportunity!