How to see clearly through a murky 2021

So what do we do every year during the holiday season? We make outlandish, unattainable, and often ridiculous resolutions that almost all of us already know we will not keep. Interested in a better video / film success plan for 2021+? To help find a more useful solution to this New Year’s ritual we invited the authors of You Can Choose to share their proven techniques. As always, bring your questions and let’s learn together. Join us on December 30th @ 4:00pm PST.

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Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
It is true, many make unrealistic new year resolutions. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay grounded and adapt to what the murky 2021 will bring us.


Active member
I wish I could attend such a zoom conference. I was so caught up with the New Year's Celebration that I missed it. :(
Do you happen to have a recording of the conference?

Charlote Davis

Active member
I like it how you put the accent on "murky". I like this word. Hope we will all find our ways through this murky 2021 as well :)


Senior Member
Staff member
Thank you for sharing your webinar link!

You make a good point about new year "resolutions", which is why I didn't focus on writing down new year #resolutions this year! Instead of #resolutions, I focused on writing down #goals and making it a point to literally actively do "a little bit every day" activities/actions that move me closer to achieving "specific goals" that might have been on a hypothetical resolutions list, but I'm saying no to resolutions list this year, and yes, to a Goals List.