How much does it cost to hire an illustrator for my book?


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If you are keen to know the going rate for children's book illustrators and want to know how much does it cost overall, I’d say that the price mainly depends on the experience and clientele of the illustrator. The more famous he is, the more he would charge. If you want to get an estimate about the illustration pricing, it is recommended to consult an expert illustrator. What do you think?

Maura N.

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Hello Lucas and welcome to our forums! A professional in any field is expensive, because you pay for all those years in which he learn how to do his job at a higher level. If anyone could do it, nobody would need to hire a professional :) The same applies to illustrators.

Robert Miller

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I have looked on your website and I must say, I had no idea there are so many ways to illustrate a book. I was remembering of my childhood years when I used to read such books. I always thought that the publishing house does the illustrations, not specific companies but I guess things have changed with the years.