Great paid screenwriting courses/workshops? (online or locational)


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Hello guys,

Just a short question... I want to ask if you know any interesting screenwriting courses/workshops. I thought fellas in here will definitely know better than google search.

Kim Welch

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HI Qventinko,

Welcome to the forums. I don't know of any at this time. If I hear of something I will let you know.

Jared Isham

Posted this response in another post but i recommend the "writing character for a list talent" course at, but the person that has kicked my butt the most and taught me the most is Corey Mandell. He teaches class in Southern California but also has an online option.

Hope that helps


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StudentFilmmakers Magazine Screenwriting Articles

StudentFilmmakers Magazine Screenwriting Articles

Welcome to the screenwriting section of the forums! I saw in your other post <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> that you're in Europe and also looking for online courses. On another note, don't forget that books and articles that explain screenwriting processes, plot, characterization, elements of story composition, etc., are also great resources for education and inspiration.

I just did a quick search on for "screenwriting" and pulled up an archived article, "Establishing a Meaningful Connection with Your Audience: Four Basic Ingredients to Season Your Screenplays" by Michael Karp, SOC. Here is the article link: http://www.studentfilmmakersforums....-season-your-screenplays-by-michael-karp-soc/. This is a quick example of an article you'd find in StudentFilmmakers Magazine's Screenwriting Section. You can subscribe for digital subscriptions to save on international shipping here: http://www.studentfilmmakersforums....bscription-1-year-studentfilmmakers-magazine/

You can also purchase individual digital editions. The Table of Contents list the articles: