Funny Bloopers in Venom 2


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If you loved the second movie with Venom, you probably looked up a few bloopers.
I found these:
As an aspiring filmmaker and a student, I learn a lot by seeing the entire process of making a film, not only the final result. And it is best when funny moments and bloopers can be used to remember the entire process with a positive tone. :D
What I like about bloopers is that they give me hope that even though what I try to shoot doesn't come right from the first at tempt, I just have to keep on trying until I get it right :D

Maura N.

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You are right, Emily! :)
Btw, I liked Venom Let there be Carnage. Looking forward to the 3'rd movie in the series
Bloopers are the best part at shooting a movie! After so much hard work, you get to relax for a little bit and laugh! Laughter is very important to preserve the good mood on set!


There should be a job for the person responsible for bloopers. We all love watching bloopers.