Free explosion making software?

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I need a tool of some sort that can add an explosion to a clip of me jumping off of a porch onto a snowy path. It will look like the explosion pushed me off of the porch. How ould I do this? I have Photoshop, CS2 or possibly 3...The only problem with that, is that my Dad's computer is utter crap. If I could get this program on Windows, that would be excellent.

It really does need to be free, because I have no immediate income.

As a side note, the explosion can look fake, because I am doing this for fun, and not for a serious reason.

Help is greatly appreciated!


If possible, maybe I could send the file to someone and they could edit it? I would give major credit to them.


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Need help?

Need help?

If you want me to edit it for you, I can. My screename is Jontruei. My away message is up most of the time, but I am usually there, and if I'm not, you can just call me. My # is usually on my away message.