Filming Permissions for Egypt


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Filming Permissions for Egypt

First of all, I would say that obtaining filming permissions to make your project in
Egypt, isn't that complicated you think and hear. In brief, normally it takes two or
three weeks to get your filming permits done. Here I am talking about streets
filming permits, which include street locations, antiquities areas, museums and river Nile.

But when it comes to filming under water and aerial shots, you need one month
in order to get the permissions, since the Press Center in Cairo takes longtime
of high coordination with different authorities. That's why I do advice foreign
producers to start arranging the permits 45 days before their arrival to Egypt.

Recently, many foreign producers told me that they would bring and use
their filming drones, here I explain to them that any kind of drones is
not allowed to enter Egypt and the security at the airports will confiscate
them till your departure.

Actually, the refusal of bringing the drones to Egypt came as a result of its
misuse by potential evil groups. So the only way for using filming drones is
to hire a drone crew from the only licensed Egyptian production company. The
drone filming permit take the same time like Helicopter.

At the end I would like you to understand the filming in Egypt is not difficult
but it needs only a space of time to get your permissions done. While taking a
sudden decision to pack your equipment and come to Egypt without any
arrangements is a waste of money.

Wael Aziz
Fixer in Egypt
cellphone : +201003761426
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Following up. I have one client asking to film few scenes with these giant Pyramid. If they have enough budget then I could ask for further information....otherwise we should just use footage then.