Epic trailer music and more.


My name is _Sinewave and i'm a music composer. I specialize in electronic music and recently in epic hybrid trailer/cinematic music. You can check out my portfolio at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAosKK6M9MyuIuxQxEF_Ew All of the tracks are royalty free and can be used in any kind of media project provided you have the license for it.

Seeing this is a film maker forum and my "target audience" are film/video makers i would love any feedback related to the tracks, but i beg of you don't judge my after effect skills :)

This is a carefully tailored message and not spam by any means.

Also worth mentioning if you like what you hear, and I very much hope you do, it is worth subscribing, 'cause I'm uploading regularily.

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