Easy light wrap techniques (green screen)


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Hey guys, I was working on some green screen work a few days ago and it was really difficult compositing it together realistically in after effects. After a few days of searching, forum posting and researching I figured out I needed to add in a simple filter called light wrap.

Basically in the real world the surrounding light influences the edges of an object very subtly and you can replicate this once you've cut someone out by overlaying a thin layer of the surrounding pixels on the edge of the matte of your cut out figure and if it's blurred out and lightened it looks like the surrounding light interacting with the object or person. I followed a tutorial and made this custom preset for after effects you guys can use.

GS lightwrap

Simply set the background as the channel for RGB (but not alpha), then use the two sliders to change the width and the blur amount to match your footage best.

Also here is a very short test film I did using this custom preset

an empty room

and finally a short tutorial on some other green screen things I did to improve the color matching

behance tutorial

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