do you guys buy and sell your 3d models?


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It's interesting I found out there are sites where you can buy and sell your 3d models online. I'm not advertising anything here so this isn't spam posting I just noticed it and thought it was a cool way to make a few extra bucks. I think it would be even cooler if you could have a site thought where you would find other animators and tell them what you want specifically made for you, whether it's a scene for your movie or a specific model. I think that's the main problem with these sites though is that you can't specify what you want. It would also be cool if the site would do a better job of helping you promote your work to employers since you're posting your work, and that the better your work is the more it would be recommended to top animation houses ( based on people's votes). The site should also be in such a way where it's free to buy someone else's thing everytime you post one of your own things on there. What do you guys think? =)