composing for experience (will work for Free)

Alex Kayzen

New member
hello guys
my name is alex
here's one of my improvisations
you can find more on my Facebook
I'm a pianist, composer and improviser looking for work to hone my CV
i can compose and play in any style, I've been improvising for over 9 years
teaching music and growing, and now, i want to help you with any project that is going to be published
and i would like to be contacted here on this forums, on this post
thank you ❤️

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
Hey Alex and welcome to our community! :)
I just read that everything was recorded live - impressive! Your sample made me very emotional. ❤️

Alex Kayzen

New member
What else do you compose? This is rly good!
thank you so much, I improvise for hours each day developing new techniques and effects, but honestly, I rarely record, that's why I'm looking for a project to sink my teeth into, I know I'll find it soon and I'm very excited for that🥳