Composer Showcasing First Credited Piece of Film Music


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The Abduction Scene I scored from 'Something Wicked -

I am a 22 yr old student studying film music at Leeds College of Music.

I have recently just finished my first credited piece of music for a film called 'Something Wicked'. Although I was bought in late and they had already made some musical choices, I was given the creative freedom for the crucial abduction scene. I am very pleased with the outcome, hence why I'm sharing it.

So before I start advertising myself I will apologise for being a cliché composer, however, if there are any directors, writers, animators or any other creative person involved in moving image please feel free to contact me if you would like any music for your project (preferably for money but I can be persuaded). I would very much like to carry on this profession so any work is good work for me. Please contact me via reddit and once we've conversed and I know its legit I'll give you more of my contact details

Also here's a link to my Soundcloud :
(Most of these songs were written for a video clip so they might not standalone. I also can't share them online for legal reasons, but I'm happy to share them via email)