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Hello everyone, fellow students and filmmakers, my name is Brendon Varcoe and I am from Nelson, New Zealand. Currently I am studying a Masters degree at Film Scoring School and I am looking for short films to score to build experience. I have a home studio so I can produce audio to a professional level in a variety of styles, primarily using orchestral instruments.

Here is a demo of scoring to picture for a rescore of a short film,

Also another composition of mine,

Please feel free to check out my website as it has more examples, I'm happy to work with anyone anywhere to build experience, no project too small, please contact me on here or the website anytime,

Maura N.

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Hey @BVarcoe and welcome to our community! :) I have listened to your portfolio and you are very talented. I am looking forward to see more from you in the future! :D


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Can you tell us about how you create your music and what systems you use as far as hardware and software go?
Sure, for the creative process, I usually like to work out the motifs, ideas for harmony etc first on something very simple to start like a piano, reduce everything to its simplest elements to work out the structure and I am thinking about the instrumentation at this time. For film I spend time researching it, trying to understand the key messages, thinking what the music needs to convey or not convey, what is its purpose. Alot of this would be dictated by the directors vision also.

As far as software, I have a variety of professional level sample libraries mainly from Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools, they are probably the two biggest in the market at the moment, for instance Spitfire record most of their sample libraries in AIR Studios and Abbey Road One for example where many amazing film scores have been recorded. Having said that I have also enjoyed writing demos for Pianobook, a website where people can create their own instruments, including one for someone who recorded a knife and fork hitting together as well as one for someone else who made one from recording shaking gourds in their kitchen. So there is endless ways to be creative with "found sounds" which I really enjoy.

For software I use Studio One mainly for working with virtual instruments and ProTools for audio work. I also use notation programs but for the best results I find all the final audio needs to be done in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). As far as Hardware, probably like most guys doing this I have a home studio setup with studio monitors, mixing board and midi keyboard.