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*** THIS IS FOR 2022 EDITION ***
The CanadaIndependent Film Festival will have its 6th edition in March 2022 and aims to promote Canadian and World Cinema.
Held in the city of Toronto, the Festival will award the best films with a certificate and trophy.
The Festival was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the filmmakers who make it all possible.
The entire application process is done online through FilmFreeway.

We organize 14 Film Festivals around the World:
Canada Independent Film Festival
Germany International Film Festival
Portugal International Film Festival
Hollywood Independent Film Festival
Spain International Film Festival
France International Film Festival
Italy International Film Festival
London International Film Festival
Australia Film Festival (Online)
China Film Festival (Online)
World Cine Fest (Online)
India Film Festival (Online)
Liberty Film Awards (Online) - One Dollar Film Festival
Brazil International Film Festival (Online)

Awards & Prizes

Trophy and Award Certificates:
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Feature Film
Best Canadian Short Film
Best Canadian Documentary
Best Canadian Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Animation
Best Web Series
Best Screenplay Short
Best Screenplay Feature
Best Music Video
Best Asian Short Film
Best Asian Feature Film

ATTENTION: For the Special Jury Award and Photography Categories
the winners will receive only the certificate.

Special Jury Award
Best Photography - Nature
Best Photography - People
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I believe it would be extremely useful if you would also include in your post a few details about this festival, where it will be hosted, when and so on :)


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I love going to film festivals. I often faced the problem that I did not have time to finish watching the movie and forgot its title. I spent several hours searching for it, and there were times when I didn't find anything at all. Recently, I found a way out of this situation and search for movies on various movie forums. With their advice, I was able to find the films I needed. I had no ida that advice was so helpful. I was even advised to watch movies on It's cool that there are responsive people these days.


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Thank you for sharing the YouTube videos. It took me a while to find them. I also heard that Netflix is going to make some TV series about both Fender and Gibson factories. I think it is going to be a documentary TV series. Probably they will just take some facts and create a story based on them, and people will believe it. Anyway, I’m not watching it on Netflix. Their prices are too high, and I’m not paying for that when I can find almost everything on What the point of paying? Especially when in the end you don’t like the show or a movie.
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