CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Uplifting Short Films

Kate McClure

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Hi All,

Lightbeam, a new distribution platform for uplighting short films is looking to acquire hundreds of mini-shorts (1-5 mins) for an up-front licensing fee. Below, I have posted the press release and all of the info. below...


An Innovative Empathy-Driven Mini-Doc Distribution Platform,
Lightbeam Seeks Filmmakers with Uplifting Short Films

New York, New York (May 2021) – On Monday, May 3rd, Lightbeam, the first-ever digital platform
dedicated to exclusively featuring empathy-generating non-fiction video content, announced Jesse Ericka
Epstein the winner of their inaugural $5,000 prize for her mini-doc, “Music at Italian Home for Children.”

Founded by film and tech industry heavy-hitters: Stephanie Sharis, formerly of AOL, CEO of Cricket
Media, and COO of SnagFilms; Andrew Mer, former SVP of Acquisitions and Business Development at
SnagFilms; and, Parker Williams, former CEO of Wheelhouse Films, the company is primed for an
immediate beta launch. Lightbeam curates, produces, and distributes film festival quality
mini-documentaries (runtimes between one and five minutes) on, Instagram, Facebook, and
YouTube. Epstein’s “Music at Italian Home for Children” perfectly exemplifies Lightbeam’s mission and
offers viewers a sample of what they can expect on a regular basis: daily inspiration and motivation.

Lightbeam serves as an online marketplace connecting brands with impact-content at a time when an
estimated 90% of brands changed course due to the Covid19 pandemic and 50% of brands increased
purpose-driven messaging. “According to the CDC, in 2019, 1 in 12 Americans reported symptoms of an
anxiety disorder, now it’s more than 1 in 3 since the pandemic hit,” says Sharis, co-founder of Lightbeam.
“There has never been a more urgent time for content like “Music at Italian Home for Children.” Until
now, most inspirational content has been simply ‘caught on camera’ moments or formulaic feel-good
news segments. Lightbeam will change all of that.”

Lightbeam’s acquisitions gain momentum as they gear up to license hundreds of short films over the next
several months. “Our goal is to close the empathy gap with compelling stories that engage emotionally
with our audience and deliver with a frequency that social media consumers have come to expect,” says
Mer, co-founder of Lightbeam. “We believe and research bears this out, that the more people view content
like ours, the greater the ripple effect of compassion, transforming society, one act of kindness at a time.”

Epstein, a Sundance-award winning filmmaker, who has screened in 40 film festivals worldwide, made
“Music at Italian Home for Children,” a 4.5 minute mini-doc, to spotlight the music program at the
Massachusetts-based center which caters to children dealing with emotional trauma and/or intellectual
challenges. Joel Sindelar, the music program’s director, whose enthusiasm and dedication are palpable in
the film, explains that, “the number one goal is to reconnect these kids with their curiosity and their joy.”

Epstein says of the award: “I’m thrilled to be launching my short documentary with Lightbeam and
honored that it received the inaugural award. I can’t imagine a better home for this film! Lightbeam is the
perfect platform to boost the profile of my film directly to a receptive audience seeking positive stories
about people doing good in our world.”

Currently accepting online submissions, Lightbeam pays upfront license fees for mini-documentaries and
commissions original works. For more information on Lightbeam, Epstein, and/or “Music at Italian Home
for Children” please visit or contact Kate McClure: