Best Wireless Mic?


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I've been watching a lot of reviews online, but I figured maybe you guys might have actual hands on experience with one.

Do you have a favorite bluetooth or wireless microphone and if so what makes it so nice?

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
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Hello @ALH !
I use wired microphones. One I use on my PC, it is connected through a Mixer and it is perfect for podcasts or tutorials. I use Rode NT1-A, it is very good for what I am doing and affordable, too. After setting it up, I got a really smooth sound quality.
The other one I use for my smartphone. I use Rode Smart Lav+ and once again, the price is low and the quality is good. I have recorded in conditions where there was a lot of background noise (cars, dogs barking, music) and the voice was clear.
I have not tried a bluetooth or wireless microphone yet :)


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Learning from experience is the best way! :D But budget is also important...what is your budget? Or you are not limited by it?


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Well, this is my approach to film equipment. I'm still new, and I don't know what I don't know, and I figure it isn't good to go in hundreds of dollars on premium equipment when my skill level isn't there anyway. So I start buying things after I feel I need to graduate to the next step. Right now is mic. I tried to go cheap and I had the kids use airpods as our wireless mic, and it sort of improved our sound, but we had some cutting out issues that now I'm having to hide in post, and also I found out that the way airpods work is that only one of them is actively the mic. So splitting it between two people did NOT work.

Long story short, budget? I don't know. I do know what I need/want though. I'm mostly working with my nieces and nephews and everything we do is outdoors and active. This is why I think I need wireless or bluetooth. Cheaper is better of course, I'm trying to improve the sound, it doesn't have to be studio quality....yet anyway 😀