BAM! music for you, dear filmmaker!


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Hey guys,

My name is levan, and I live in New York City. I do a lot of production/composition. Basically what I will do is this: I am going to take your film, which has been unfortunantely deprieved of good audio so far, I will caress it, hold it tight, sing some nice songs to it and lull it to sleep... Then I will turn on my Ableton Live 6, and I will weave some powerful flesh into it. He will then wake up, looking great, give me a nice big hug and then be on its way to stardom. Yes, I will be delivering quality music to your films. I will be very easy to work with. And I just have a great personality. Go read my bio on my site if you dont believe me. Really. Go read it.

Here's some of my work:

thanks a lot and I will appreciate any feedback!

-levan (for my mail)