A Season Highlights film for Rugby I made as this is my last year as a student.


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During my years of passion for photography, I have learnt to give back in ways unimaginable to me when I first picked up a camera. This work highlights my achievements, including constant feedback from people around me. As my last months of school go by I felt that I should at least leave a legacy in something, and that something is in film...

...and any feedback would be really helpful!
Hello GeorgeDavis!

Congratulations on creating such an impressive season highlight film for rugby! Your dedication to photography and filmmaking can be seen in this video. It's great that you've found a way to give back and leave a legacy through your passion. The video truly captures the spirit of the sport and the energy of the moments. Keep up the great work! I'm sure your last months of school will be even more memorable with such a meaningful project.

Keep reaching for the stars! :D

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