3 Short Film Ideas You Can Film This Autumn

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
Autumn is the season best known for its orange, red, yellow and brown colors that can be seen in nature all around us. This has inspired many filmmakers over the years to tell many autumn stories.
A few short film ideas that you can make during this season:

1. A short film about a poem

The autumn season is a great inspiration for those who write poems. If you have a friend that writes poems or if you write poems yourself, it could be a great opportunity to create a short film around it. You could have a voice over telling the poem and video images of the nature, forest and your main character that can walk through these wonderful places.

2. A love story

The autumn season is best known for its love stories and you can take advantage of the weather changes, too. You can film scenes featuring a couple dancing in the rain or running through the forest.

3. Back to school

Most students start school during autumn and this could be your main plot inspiration. You can create a short film about students returning back to school after the Summer vacation. You could also create a short film about the first day of school of a student who has just moved into a new town.

These are only a few short film ideas that you could create this season. What short films do you plan to film in the following months?