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    Trouble to choose the right music for your film

    Hey Filmmakers, i am here new to talk about one particular problem i always have regarding music. Would be so happy to talk about his here with you all! I have this trouble to decide what music to choose for the film. Do you have this problem too? It's not just that, it's also difficult to...
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    Revolutionary Royalty Free Piano Music Set.

    A 20 minute piece of high quality music with 10 tracks and a commercial license. I found this track to be highly ideal for filmmakers, videographers and bloggers. Furthermore that commercial license is unlimited and they are currently having a 75% sale until Christmas. I would recommend checking...
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    Music by TrackTour Music

    TrackTour Music provides provides royalty free production music for audio-visual and multimedia purposes. You are free to use the tracks whereever you want as many times as you need. No further payment of synchronization fees as soon as you have downloaded from
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    Music Catalog Available for Licensing

    Our record Label has over 1,000 songs available for music licensing in Films and TV shows. Contact us if you are interested. About 80% of our catalog is most styles of Electronic Music and about 20% is Hip-Hop and R&B. Email us at Asnazzy Productions
  6. Ammurion

    Ammurion - Composer

    Hello filmmakers, I'm composer with experience in short films and theatre. I'm ready to write and record music for your films and other projects. Please check out my website where you can listen to samples of my work. For any questions feel free to email me at...
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    Are you a student seeking for Royalty Free Music for you film?

    Hello students! Got good news for you looking for Royalty Free Music, sounds and sound effects for your film. New stock music and audio marketplace has been established recently: Here you can find 2,500 music and sounds and some of them are even free to download and use in...