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Hi! I reckon I could help you out on your film and I must say it looks great to me! If you'd like to see what's on my website please do. It's
I have over twenty five years experience in the music industry on the commercial side of things but now am focusing on getting a showreel of scoring together so your project looks perfect to me. I can recreate the kind of tracks your talking about too. See what you think and let me know sirs and madames.
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Looking to find someone who would like their work featured in a short film that will be sent to major film festivals next year. The short is about 6 minutes long and needs a few instrumental songs. This is not a commercial project and there is no budget. However, you will be given full credits on the screen. If you are interested feel free to PM me on here, thanks :)

Here are some examples of, more less, what we have in mind for the music:
The Punk Girl Next Door
at 1:40 and 26:50
at 0:00 and 40:38
Please let me know if you are interested in creating a similar kind of music for the short.

Hi Alex, I'm a media composer that's worked on animations previously. From what you've shown, I love the style and the punk genre so I could definitely do that style. I'm a guitarist so recording a punk track wouldn't be a problem for me! Drop me a message on here if you'd be interested in working with me and I can send over all my portfolio and chat through ideas!