low budget film making

  1. C

    Promoting our Short Film Campaign!!

    https://seedandspark.com/fund/alac#story Hey everybody! I am a 21-year-old student filmmaker based in the Los Angeles area. I had recently posted a zero-budget film on Reddit which got some good attention! I am now moving up, very slightly, trying to make something with some more money...
  2. Jared Isham

    Directing for Micro Budget Films

    I started a series a while ago discussing directing for micro budget films. It has since been combined with my other videos but the information might be helpful to some of you. https://youtu.be/XVv1gbZwjIM?list=PLx1dbpyku8V0VimetpyGKaRFfTrENvWxb I'll try to keep directing content posted to...
  3. Jared Isham

    Micro-Budget Filmmaking Advice

    I just posted a new channel trailer to my YouTube channel. On the channel I'm doing my best to share what I have learned making micro-budget films. So far I have done 2 features. My goal is to save you from mistakes I have made and share with you tips that has helped me along the way. Check...
  4. H

    Cast Wanted for Amatuer Horror Film

    Looking for volunteer actors and actresses in IL (Kankakee, Will, and Cook counties would be best as most filming will take place in Kankakee but it depends on how far you want to travel). WANTED -------- Male (Colin)- NEED FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!! 17-20 (Sixteen accepted in certain...