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  1. T

    Talking about music for directors

    Good morning everyone! I am new here and am really looking forward to making some new connections and seeing all the projects you're working on. I'm also hoping to provide some resources such as this: Recently I have been working with a couple directors who told me they find navigating...
  2. J

    Looking to score your next project

    My name is John Bratton and I would love to score your next project! I am new to this forum but I have been a musician all my life, and I have always loved film scores. If you are a director looking for a composer, let's chat! If you are a fellow composer, I would love to talk and trade feedback...
  3. Compozly

    Director/Composer Collaboration Platform

    Hey there filmmakers! My name is Adam and I'm part of a new platform called Compozly. We aim to connect directors with composers for their film and video projects! We want it to be as great as it can and would be incredibly appreciative if you could take a few minutes to answer some...
  4. E

    University-trained composer looking to expand portfolio. Will work for free.

    Hi there, I am a recent college-graduate with classical training as well as extensive experience with electronic and experimental music. My portfolio ( shows my versatility and uniqueness. I am passionate about my art but easy going when it comes to...
  5. ruanlotter

    How To Score Your Own Film With Logic X

    It’s really easy to use Logic X to create score for your videos! I have made a very basic tutorial showing how you can do this easily. …and, if you want to - click the subscribe button :) Thanks for watching! Ruan
  6. Ammurion

    Ammurion - Composer

    Hello filmmakers, I'm composer with experience in short films and theatre. I'm ready to write and record music for your films and other projects. Please check out my website where you can listen to samples of my work. For any questions feel free to email me at...
  7. A

    Composer looking for work

    Hello, I am a Composer looking to score any film of stage project. I write in a variety of styles ranging from neo-classical to rock. You can visit my website for audio samples and further information. Thanks, Ambrose
  8. LamWooStudio

    List of Composers Offering Free Services

    I've noticed that several composers have posted in various threads stating that the they are willing to offer FREE music (and sometimes even free custom scores) for low-budget / no-budget filmmakers. I think it's great that so many people are willing to offer their services to other creative...