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    Roman History Photoshoot

    Roman History Photoshoot
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Equipment list for low budget filmmakers - music videos 6 000 £ (GBP)

    I saw your thread @Michalneto and it got my attention. 1 - 50 mm 2 - 30 mm 3 - 24 mm 4 - 16 mm
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy B'day!

    Happy B'day!
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    Why use completely expensive cameras nowadays?

    It is clear that trends are shifting and the industry is changing. The future is yet uncertain but I believe VR will become more popular and we will have more VR movies too
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    Make-up Portrait of a Young Lady

    A friend of hers did the buns. Yes, she is a lovely person :D
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    What are the best Macro Lens?

    You can go for expensive lens that are over $1000 or you can purchase adaptors for your lens which are $50. There is even the possibility to use your lens reversed for better macros.
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    Check out my indie film Friends Like These

    Congratulations, @zoran for releasing your movie! 💪 It's very cool!
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    Friends Like These

    Nice stills, @zoran ! Congrats for your movie btw 💪 Very cool!
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Romanian Mountains - Garana

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    Make-up Portrait of a Young Lady

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