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  • My name is Jordan Winslow and I am an Electronic Music Producer and Composer with over 14 years of experience bringing concepts to creation.

    But that doesn’t really set me apart, does it?

    What DOES set me apart is my story, my dedication to continual education, and my ambitions to improve our world.

    And if you would please give me just 5 minutes of your time, I’d like to tell you about how I spent 9 years in poverty pursuing my dreams before becoming profitable in music, and how I intend to reinvest my profits to improve our world. Click here to read that story.

    Or if you’d rather just know about my professional accomplishments, see below. MY FORMAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS I know most of you will be visiting this page to decide whether or not I am worth hiring, so let’s get my credentials out of the way and answer your question (Yes.)

    I began composing music at age 13 as a hobby and by the time I graduated university, it became a career. For the following 8 years, I slowly dug my way out of poverty by creating my own production company, creating my own brand, my own websites, my own marketing…you get the picture.

    I could not afford to become a specialist, to survive in this industry I had to become adept in all areas of music production from arrangement & sequencing, melody & songwriting, to mixing & mastering and even marketing and publishing.

    My electronic music productions have been featured in dozens of video games, short films & animations. I have also produced songs/albums for over 10 artists from Los Angeles, California, New York, Asheville, North Carolina and even Canada and the UK. (Hear my full musical portfolio here)

    I am also releasing a solo album soon which heavily discusses topics such as stratification of wealth, human rights, war, manipulation by the financial elite, etc. You can hear it as it is produced and view the behind the scenes production videos onhttps://AnotherHero.Stream or on my YouTube Page.

    Since 2010 I have designed two video games of my own and am working on a third (Play it in your web browser here:

    Lastly, I own and operate the e-commerce business www.RetroGame.Club and I take care of my widowed mother. When I am not performing all of the above, I am continually educating myself and trying to solve life’s greatest mysteries.

    587 Soundtracks/Songs Produced

    15 Artists Produced

    2 Video Games Produced

    Other than composing and producing music, I also write articles for a publication I own and help educate the public on matters of great importance such as the effects of propaganda in a modern world, our mysterious human origins, and more.

    “I couldn’t afford to be a specialist; to survive in this industry I had to become adept in all areas of music production.”

    – Jordan Winslow
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