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    How to Brighten a Video in Movavi Video Editor

    Thanks for your kind sharing. It is very useful. Recently I'm using another handy video editor called Joyoshare VidiKit. It has many built-in functions like video cutter, joiner, recorder, compressor, converter, and more. Using its professional editing features, you can adjust brightness, hue...
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    Download FREE stock videos at VIDEVO

    When editing my vlog, I also use a Joyoshare video editor and screen recorder called Joyoshare VidiKit to record online music tracks or video clips and edit my videos freely. It is powerful yet still very easy to use.
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    Corrupted Video Files and How to Fix Them

    As for the best video repair software, I'd like to recommend the one from Joyoshare called Joyoshare VidiKit. Actually, VidiKit is a video editor toolbox that has a video repairing utility. It successfully helps me repair many types of corrupted MP4 videos with ease. Thanks to its strong...
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    Movavi editing software

    I use Joyoshare Video Cutter now. It is handy and smart, which helps me losslessly cut and trim videos, add special effects, insert watermarks, crop, rotate, convert, merge videos, and more.
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    Download free Mp3 music to your computer

    Yes, you're right. When I use 2Conv to convert some YouTube videos, sometimes an error message would occur saying that my videos are not allowed to converted or something like that. I think maybe it would be ok if you download it for personal use only.
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    Download free Mp3 music to your computer

    Hi, there. You might try 2Conv. That's what I do. It is a free and online tool to download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, and AVI. But sometimes I would use a Mac PC screen recorder as an alternative cause it supports more formats and has more flexible features. It helps me record online videos in...