What is the best app to edit videos on smartphone?


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There are free apps and there are paid apps. I heard about Filmic Pro and KineMaster but I feel as if they are not enough. What do you use?
Some apps have filters and premade built in plugins that make the editing process easier and the result more complex with VFX too, such as Motionleap for example. But as well, I feel as if it's missing something.


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We've touched upon some apps in the thread listed below, see link.


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When I want to edit/render fast, I simply use Movavi, iMovie, and B612.
Of course there are small, tiny drawbacks, but there are ways of getting around them.
These are nontechie friendly.
No watermarks.
No subscriptions.



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this was helpful yet I require more a personal recommendation, which smart phone app will deliver the best editing features for editing, I already possess a moto for my informal video on Digital Self/Wants&Needs.

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You can try FIlmic Pro

Oskar Kuusk

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Not all apps work on all phones, some only work on iOS and others on Android. Some don't work on Huawei phones who comes without Google Services. But I can recommend you a few apps: CyberLink ActionDirector, Adobe Premiere Clip, InShot Video Editor, FilmoraGo, Filmic Pro, Adobe Rush (Android / iOS / Mac OS / Windows), CTPro, Kinemaster, LumaFusion. There are many others, too. You really just need to choose what is best for you.


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I feel summoned here by so many replies that I got today! Thank you all! Thank you Jody, Maura, Oskar! I will look for them and try them out!