Thanking Maura for a wonderful opportuity and Ashton !

I am so blessed and grateful for Maura's support and the support of my fellow atists. This is my first chance to connect with you ll since my interview due to immense spasms from the CME Coronal mass ejections (from the sun. I am very sesnitive to EMF, radiation, electricity and humidity and t has been drought sseason and unbearably hot in New Jersey:)

I was about to respond to Ashton's correspondence and his link to his video , but is no where to be found in my mailbox.
If Ashton can contact me here or my email, I would be grateful.
I also wish to thank the other composers and film makers for your kind words of encouragement. You are all so wonderful and this is a wonderful comunity to be part of.

Thank you Maura again for sharing your compassion, gifts and expertise with us here!!

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
You are most welcomed, Anita! :D Looking forward to see your project once it is done!

István Kovács

Active member
I am happy to see how this community works together and starts making great projects! I am really excited to see the result!