Social Audition App : New short video app for Talent discovery and create your own mini series right from your phone


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We launched a new app a month back and we are getting great feedback. We posted it in different forum and now posting it here as well so it gets more visibility.

Checkout this awesome new short video Audition App for Actors and talents in film or any creative industry to connect and be discovered. You can create script or take a script and act for short videos. You can create lyrics and find your talented voice you want to hire.

There are some giveaways and cash prize soon to be released in the app. Join now!

Distill is an exciting new app that links actors, dancers, models, producers, writers, and any creative arties and talents to showcase their skills and be discovered! Do you have some amazing skills? Now you can show them off them! Directors and entertainment insiders can find the next diamond in the rough star for an upcoming project, writers can find the perfect actors for their scripts, auditions can be done anywhere anytime!

Distill Highlights:

- Create and post short original scripts
- Use our script templates to help quickly flesh out your vision
- Tailor your script to find the ideal actor

- Find and audition for your ideal roll in moments!
- Audition anywhere, anytime! Social auditioning for the new age!
- Store your auditions in the app that can be searched and viewed

- Find the next hidden talent for your upcoming or ongoing project!
- Save on costly audition spaces and audition notices!
- Speed up the casting process so your project can move ahead quickly!

Start your own Show and Short films!

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This is very nice! Thank you for letting our community know about this! :D