Noirseries "Bouquet Of Lies: The Masked Man S1 E1" that I have created out of passion for cinema (Swati Panda)


Swati Panda
Bhubaneswar India
27 December 2022

Student Filmmakers Forum has been a big part of my filmmaking journey where I have posted my films starting from my days of shooting shortfilms on mobile phone. This place has encouraged me a lot to keep on creating more. I have progressed slowly towards finally making a noir webseries-"Bouquet of Lies" . It is a black and white Noir crime thriller fiction drama. Few days back I had posted two teasers of two prominent character of this series-Akira and James. And finally after lot of hard work I am posting the first episode of this series. It is filled with dark mystery and thrill. I will be posting many more episodes in future. Every episode will give entertainment, life experiences as well as deep lessons to whoever watches it.

Synopsis- A masked man has his own troubling thoughts, things he suffered , things he is going through. A man and a woman are trapped and go through immense torture. What will the masked man do? Check it yourself. The episode has been directed and produced By Swati Panda from Bhubaneswar, India.
Social Angle- The story has a social angle of how are criminals created. It questions the rich and elite class and has underlying themes of narcissist victim bond and how roles change. We may hate a villian but we need to know how was the villain created and by whom? Is not society responsible for all the crimes happening today? Death is the prominent theme which acts as a catharsis taking away everything we have and waking us up to the greatest truth of life.
Inspiration- Inspired by Breaking Bad, Old Hitchcock Films, Christopher Nolan's old noir films, kurosawa's films like Stray Dog(noir), 7 samurai and many other black and white films I forgot the names, that have entered my subconscious mind. While people talk about latest series, like an outcast , I am watching some old black and white film online for free most of the time, which I can't discuss with anyone. They have the charm of pure cinema. The concept of this episode just came into my mind while doing random creative thinking.
My Journey-- I had to go through a lot of setbacks before I could get the courage to make this on my own. And finally when I am on this journey of creating this project , I can honestly say to all filmmakers here that if you are going through a lot of pain, then just hang on there buddy, keep hustling , don't give up and complete your project. And after you are done make sure you celebrate that day with your colleagues, friends or at least with yourself. Give yourself a treat because as a filmmaker you have created a simulated reality. You have created consciousness, or life itself. Being a creator is one of the greatest joy that can be achieved in this planet. No amount of wealth or pleasure can replace this joy.
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Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
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This is your best work until now! Congratulations on the hard work!
Waiting for Episode 2!