Looking for prop guns that are in or can ship to Canada.

my advise. go to a chinese cheapie shop. they sometimes have good toys. you don't need blanks. put the sound over later. ordinary toy shops also might have good guns. some actually have good built in sound effects. they are usually brightly colored but a spray can can change that. if you want muzzle flashes ( i think they are not necessary) you can download them from the net and overlay them. i normally get my (toy) weapons from the flea market for a few dollars. that also goes for futuristic weapons. here is a simple example using a toy medieval handgun. (all plastic)
i bought that gun for a couple of dollars.
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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the forum. I'm a small time filmmaker in Toronto, Canada and need some help finding some blank firing or prop guns for sale, That can ship or is in Canada. I've checked into all rental companies and the rentals cost about 100 per gun a week with a minimum of a week rental. I'm looking for anything prop gun related (Leaning towards a Beretta Chrome) but anything will do.


i normally get a toy gun and add the sound later. here is an example
i bought the (plastic) replica on the fleamarket for $ 5.
You are making a film, not having a firefight with bad guys. It is FICTION. It is CINEMA. Is the make, model, chrome appearance so critical? There is no need for a hard to find, rare appearing prop that emulates real firing. Just use an air soft, or a rubber molding. Gunshot muzzle blasts are easily added in post. If you need a close-up of a real gun being loaded, or cycling, or ejecting shell casings... we call that an INSERT shot. It can easily be filmed in a safe place (shooting range). So contact some local gun clubs, or police/military, to make arrangements for filmming those insert shots. On your sets, just use an inexpensive and safe FAKE.
Worst case scenario, make arrangements to have the insert shots done in the USA. Lots of guns, ranges, and filmmakers across the border who could accomplish that. BTW, first find out which guns are available; then select the brand/style for your film. Much easier than choosing a prop, and then not being able to find a functional look-alike.
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