Is iPhone's new Cinematic Mode a good low budget option?

Oskar Kuusk

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The evolution of smartphones has made it accessible to everyone to create films on their smartphone. In the past years, iPhone has a new feature called "cinematic mode". I was watching a comparation on YouTube of this new feature:

What do you think, is this new feature a good low budget option to shoot movies? I say it looks pretty good to me.
It depends what you are going for. I believe that smartphones are very good for students who are learning because they can practice using a gimbal and a light weigth camera and be creative - study the best angles to shoot their movies from. It is also very useful to shoot short films that can be posted on social media. The quality allows you to make good Youtube videos, too.
If you want to shoot Netflix movies, a smartphone will not be enough, but if you want to create a portfolio, it's a good start.
A few years ago, students used handycams to learn how to shoot their first movies. Now they use a smartphone. There is a huge difference in what they can create these days compared to 10 years ago. I wonder what the next 10 years in technological advancement will bring us tbh
I don't have this iPhone model with this feature but one of my classmates has it. He shoots all kinds of videos with it and shares it with us. I am honestly considering getting one as well. But he does color grading on his pc
I don't know what to say about that, most people that used the cinematic mode and posted it online also edited that footage. They did not post the raw footage. And any footage looks great if you edit it.
I've been following the comparison videos until I got my hands on each of these smartphones. In the end, you still need to know how to do the settings properly and you still need some post-edit. So I guess what matters is your skill.
I tried this feature first hand recently and it is not that impressive. You still need to do a lot of post edit. It's a start though.

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