HUMANITY Official Album and Movie Trailer (Final Cut Hopefully)

Asher Pike
3rd of September 2022
HUMANITY Album and Movie Trailer Final Cut

HI! This is Asher again, a young Australian Male currently in University. After receiving a mountain of great feedback and criticism of the previous ‘cuts” of this trailer from many forums including this one, I hope I have finally arrived at the “definitive” version. This time I have shortened the whole trailer from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, severely pulled back / simplified the whole concept to a few title cards, composed and applied a completely new musical track, rid the teaser of the gofundme and enhanced the visuals. I would highly appreciate your opinions in regards to the trailers / films pacing, music, editing, visual quality, if the concept makes sense, if you are entertained, immersed etc. Or not. It all really helps.

The reason I have been asking for criticism is because I am aiming to show this trailer to record labels, grant organisations, and a variety of other donors. The trailer is in all ways a short letter opener, an introduction to a written pitch and a portfolio of Demo / Proof of Concept Materials. These materials being proof of concept films for the Humanity Film and Demo musical tracks for the Humanity Album. The development and production of this content has stretched over the course of many, many years. Many times the kind and supportive people in this Forum have provided great feedback and criticism for these proof of concept films I am talking about for which I am thankful.

Again I highly appreciate all opinions, feedback and criticism, Thank you once again for all the help given.

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
It sounds very well! It gives me the vibe of a modern Jean-Michel Jarre.
Good luck with the record label! :D
You have such a creative spirit and an original mind. I think that in another life, you were a great artist and I also believe that you will be a great artist in this life, too!