How To Easily Create A 3D Digital Character Of Yourself

Maura N.

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A computer software allows its users to create a 3D character of themselves, without requiring previous 3D experience. MetaHuman is built using Unreal Engine 5, which is a free and easy to use tool provided by Epic Games.

You can use the framework provided by MetaHuman to build a 3D digital character that resembles a human in a very realistic way. The software is still in development but anyone can request an Early Access for free. You can try the software without installing it because it runs in your browser.

How to create a 3D character of yourself using MetaHuman?

To begin using this software, you start by choosing a premade character that is similar to how you look. You can then proceed and edit the look by adjusting a few parameters, such as skin, eyes, teeth, makeup, eyebrows, mustache, beard etc.

You can also choose the option called “Live Events”, which allows you to use MetaHuman in real time. You can easily access it from your iPhone, through the app called Live Link Face, or by using your webcam on your PC or laptop, but you will need to install additional software (such as Faceware Studio, Analyzer, Retargeter, iClone and others) and it can be difficult to set it up. You can animate your character by using Adobe Mixamo, which is also free if you have an Adobe subscription and Mixamo Converter, to be able to edit it in Unreal Engine 5.

After going through all these steps, you can enjoy a 3D character of yourself that you can use for your projects. MetaHuman is a great alternative that is most suitable for people with low budget, little experience working with 3D models and students.

Here you can view two demo models that were created by using MetaHuman:


Oskar Kuusk

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I am impressed by how realistic this 3D character looks like. It almost looks like a video, not something that is created on a computer.


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This is the first time that I am hearing about these. It is really cool and I will try to use it for my next assignment. Thanks, Maura!
It shouldn't come as a surprise that it has become easier to create complex special effects with the help of AI and technology. It will be just a matter of time until every person will have the opportunity to create great movies without knowing how to do complex video editing techniques from scratch. MetaHuman is the perfect example of a computer software that makes it easy to create a video with a 3D version of you or your friends. I could see this technology being used for vlogs for example. Or even for educational purpose, video tutorials.