How can I tell a winter story with just one actor and a smartphone?

I have an assignment at Uni to tell a winter story. The challenge is to use only one actor and a smartphone. The story will be a short film, that will have between 3 to 5 minutes. Our teacher wants us to use our creativity and come up with something original.

I was thinking maybe of a Christmas story because the Winter Holidays are coming. I am unsure how to proceed because the actor will be me or someone I know, which has a limited acting experience.

Any advice would help me. I am a bit confused and unsure where to start. :D

Oskar Kuusk

Active member
My advice is to keep it simple. Your teacher is probably wants you to learn that you can make a good film using anything these days. You need to be adaptable, to work with what you already have. If you are good with cheap gear, you will be amazing with expensive gear too. You can use one actor and one smartphone. What can you tell in a few minutes with only these two? Maybe your character is happy that holidays are coming and is looking to buy presents for charity. Maybe your character is sad because he has no friends to spend the holidays with.