Filmmaker Showcase - Ishmaelite Fight

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I posted the script to this in the screenwriting forum around July and a few of you critiqued it. The main problem that was raised was whether it would turn out to be funny or just a sad depressing short about bums. Since it's now completed and uploaded to the filmaker showcase I'd like to here everyones opinion on it.

Overall, I'd say I'm pretty happy with the finished product. There's a few problems I have with it and wish I'd shot differently; but for being my first somewhat proffesional film(in the way it was shot and developed) I think it's pretty good.


for a first go... I was surprised at the outcome...
I remember the script you put on-line... and actually had forgotten that it was only a script and not a finished video... HAH!

I liked it... though... I have to admit a few things.

#1 - the younger bum seemed too "well off" to be a bum... but that kinda added to the hillarity.

#2 - you were dead on saying that some of your shots you would have liked to have done differently...

Overall, I'd say it was a wonderful first attempt... and I can't wait to see what you do next... you have obvious talent, a filmmakers determination and an excellent "CAN DO" attitude.

Best of luck!


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Great idea. Original enough. Simple, but effective story. Well told with pictures. Well done!!! What did you shoot on just out of curiosity?