Collaboration needed: Remaking an original narrative from a song into a short film


New member
Hi fellow filmmakers,

Hope everyone`s creativity still flowing and well :)

some months ago, in collaboration with special team, i have crafted a lengthy song, its lyrics were designed in form of original sci-fi narrative,

So I am interested to form another collaboration, so we can turn this narrative into a stand out original short film

here is the link to the song special presentation

Looking forward to hear from you :)

Hi Essa,

I've been following your creative journey for a while now, and I must say, I've always been impressed by your innovative approach to storytelling through music. Your ability to craft a sci-fi narrative within the lyrics of a song is truly remarkable. The idea of transforming this narrative into a short film is incredibly exciting!
Thank You @Maura N. for your kind words

I am honored to join such rising community, and i hope togather with everyone, we start crafting something original and inspiring :)

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