Check out my indie film Friends Like These


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Our award winning indie film, Friends Like These is on Renderyard's YouTube channel starting today.
Here is the link
So feel free to check it out and thank you for supporting indie films. :)

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
Hey @zoran ! This is awesome news! I will check it out and come back with feedback!! Congrats for making it this far!!


I've been following your progress on the forums since you posted, can't believe it's already out!! I will see it with my brother later today

Olivia Perez

Active member
Lovely news, sweety! I am happy to see that you made it! The quality of the movie is really good, the image, the actors everything! Proud of you!

Oskar Kuusk

Active member
Congrats! It is always a happy moment when your hard work comes into the final movie! Cherish and celebrate this moment, you deserve it!