Capri International Film Festival

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Capri International Movies Festival
Capri, Italy
12 October - 16 October
5 Euros per submission
we would like to inform you that registrations are open for the third edition of the Capri Movie International Film Festival, the only short film festival on the Island of Capri, to be held in Capri from 12 to 16 October 2022. You will find the announcement on the platform FilmFreeway. This year the artistic direction bears the signature of Jhon DiLeva Halpern, director of Transformer, the documentary film about Beuys.

We remain at your disposal.
For any information, you can visit our website
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Maura N.

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Hi there!
Thank you for letting our community know about this opportunity!
I have also added it to our Calendar!

Oskar Kuusk

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Good luck to all participants! Film Festivals are a great opportunity to get your work noticed by others and shouldn't be skipped by any student! I have also sent this information to one of my friends, I know he is currently looking to enter his work in a film festival.
I have looked on your website, competition must be really tough this year! Maybe by next year, I will have enough time to prepare a good entry if there will be an edition next year as well!
for all those ones who wants to watch the festival, this year will make the festival reachable through streaming on our Youtube Channel, so anybody can watch it even at home.
Das ist sehr gut! I do not have anything to attend the festival yet but I would love to watch!
Can you please post a reminder with the YouTube link 1-2 days before the event?