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Video Connect is an AI-powered multi-camera video conferencing solution provided by FalcoMatics. This has been helping many industries immensely since the outbreak of the pandemic. Utilizing aerial images and video captured from drones, your offered Enterprise Video Conferencing service can be made more effective to the audience. You can gather real-time data and make your technology-driven business more client-centric. Telemedicine, video conferencing for enterprises, education, instrumental training, online fitness, and entertainment are Enterprise Video Conferencing promoted lucratively through Video Connect. A unique feature of Video Connect is the facility for extensive customization. The powerful application will scale up to your requirements for sure and is Enterprise Video Conferencing made mobile responsive. The application is completely secure by all means.


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I love it when I found about new things related to video conferencing! It's not easy at all to create something like this. I've talked with my friends about creating an application like Hipaa compliant video conferencing or Zoom, but it's pretty complicated. Neither of us has enough knowledge related to programming and everything that comes with an application. We have started learning about it and I am sure that we will be able to achieve this dream one day. We just have to put in more work!
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