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We are award-winning, multi-instrumentalists/composers and are the co-founders of Twin Score Studios. Whether you're looking for original music composed in the style of Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, or John Williams, we have you covered. We compose with the finest sound libraries and technology available and the finished project will sound like something you'd expect to hear in a Hollywood film. Please visit our website for a bio, demos, and testimonials ( We are excited to meet you and assist you with your project!

Sean & Patrick Carnahan

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Maura N.

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Hi Sean & Patrick!
I love your work! :D Great job!
Hi Sean and Patrick!

I am a journalist, singer-songwriter focused on Contemporary Social crisis-issues. I am putting out the word to find compassionate activist artists, film makers and documentary producers to blast a Clarion call four our advocacy of precious abused children. I've found there is little attention to address the horrific abuse of our national treasures and I know for a fact how powerful music videos are to draw attention to any national or global crisis.

My music outreach began in 1989 and I have co-produced over seven original albums and two cover projects. I am a multi-genre musician, covering almost all genres, including pop, jazz-hip-hop, hard rock, country pop, Gospel/CCM and even some classical. Though I'm somewhat obscure because of ongoing battles with life-threatening ailments, I have managed to stay committed to report and share about the public needing to address humanitarian injustices and abuses.

I would most likely have to raise money to work with you, but I hope to find a way we can work something out where you'd get producer credits, (and we would also get support and fiancing for such an awesome project!) . I believe with my voice, compelling lyrics and talent and the right composer-producer, the two videos I propose would go viral!

I have rough drafts of two songs. The Children are Bleeding" (child-sex trafficking) and "the Unheard Cry" (infanticide) . They are both keyboard-oriented, haunting and somewhat dark.

Do you work with small non-profits?

Here is my SoundCloud page and I will check out your You Tube page.

I Have many styles on this page.. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you!

My outreach non-profit music page:

Thank you Sean and Patrick for taking the time to receive my letter:)

Anita Ivette Ferrer

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Thank you for contacting us! Sorry for the late response, but we've been out of town on vacation. We listened to your website and found it original and intriguing. We specialize in orchestral composition and are curious what you feel we could add to your music. We are available on Zoom if you would like to meet with us. You can also contact us directly at:
Thank you!
Sean and Patrick