Art vs. Commerce: The Filmmaker's Dilemma... Where do you stand?


New member
On one side, we have ART, where creativity knows no bounds. Filmmakers strive to create something artistically significant, pushing the boundaries of storytelling, even if it doesn't make a dime. On the other side, there is money - dough - mooola, where the bottom line is king. It's all about making money, even if it means sacrificing artistic integrity.

Is there a MIDDLE GROUND? Can we create films that are both artistically meaningful and financially successful? Can that be designed or is that just an accident of fate?
I think The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are two examples of how you can make an artistic movie that is also financially successful. Black Swan was also an artistic movie that I enjoyed watching. The Grand Budapest Hotel and 1917 are two other examples where I loved the way they were filmed.

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