App vs. Website: Which is Right for Your Business?

Maura N.

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It depends what is your business. In some cases, the app is the answer, in other cases, the website. :)


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This is a generic question and too little info has been provided. The generic answer would be: why not both? People have smartphones and use them a lot but people also use websites a lot.


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I have to agree with EmilyWilkes! As long as we do not have enough information about your business, or you haven't made all the logistics yet, the generic answer has to be "why not both", that is for sure! Actually, if I would be in a similar position as you are, I would actually wait a bit, gain some more money, and get both of them, the app and the website. I actually think that it has to be the best solution in this kind of issues. I still remember when I was working on my eCommerce website design, maaaan I was sooooo silly. Only if I knew back then, how easy is it to make an app...
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