An easy-to-use Video Creating App for a rookie

Oceane Lin

New member
Recently I enjoy making videos on my iPhone with “ Write-on Video”. It was very easy to familiarize myself with this app. The interface is simple and intuitive, yet I can still make professional-looking videos without spending countless hours editing.

The app comes with all the basic features for video editing, such as trimming tools, transitions, filters, stickers, captions, aspect ratio, audio, and adding music. In addition, Write-on Video offers ready-to-use video outline templates for different purposes.

Additionally, it's easy to switch between devices. I sometimes get inspiration and edit the video on the way. Write-on Video allows me to work on a phone or tablet, then switch to a PC. It really provides a straightforward way to access files in different ways.

You can try Write-on Video for free and see if it is the right one for you.😊😊

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
Sounds like a useful app! Looking forward to see the projects that you made using this app! :D