1. Maura N.

    How To Start Posting on Student Filmmakers Forums

    Step 1: Log In into your account Step 2: Choose the forum which is appropriate for your post Step 3: Press the orange button "Post Thread", which is located on the right side Step 4: Fill in the title of the thread and the details. When you are done, press "Post Thread"
  2. Tim Gardner

    Article written on the pre-production process

    Film Pre-Production - The Ultimate Guide (Free Templates) I've put together an article to help newer filmmakers learn about how to manage pre-production. Hope it's helpful.
  3. gaganailawadi

    Architectural Visualization Tutorial Photoshop Exterior Post Production

    Check out the Latest Post Production Tutorial New Work at : http://www.facebook.com/gaganfx/ 3d:- 3ds Max & Vray Post :- Photoshop, After Effects & Magic Bullet Looks
  4. gaganailawadi

    Interior Post Production Tutorial in Photoshop Architectural Visualization

    Hey Guys Feel free to Subscribe on my Youtube channel & Please share for more Post Production Tips,Tutorial,Breakdown etc C&C are most welcome New Work at : http://www.facebook.com/gaganfx/ 3d:- 3ds Max & Vray Post :- Photoshop, After Effects & Magic Bullet Looks
  5. ruanlotter

    Maya Tutorial: Create 3D Geometry from 2D Images

    Heya, In this Maya 2017 tutorial I show you how to create 3D geometry from 2D images! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRXw4meAqO8 Subscribe for NEW TUTORIALS EVERY WEEK!
  6. ruanlotter

    Tutorial: Maya to Realflow and back to Maya

    Heya - New Maya Tutorial - Going from Maya 2017 to Realflow and back to Maya without using the Realflow connectivity plugin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drVtRegrsHM Cheers! Ruan
  7. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Create A Video From A 360 Degree Still Photo

    Heya! In this After Effects tutorial I explain how you can use a still 360 degree panoramic photo to create videos! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccv6o3L0hZ0 Remember to subscribe for weekly VFX videos! Cheerz! Ruan
  8. ThisGuyEdits

    "This New YouTube Channel Is a Free Masterclass in Film Editing"

    I’m currently cutting a feature for Sundance filmmaker Mark Webber. My youtube channel is picking up a lot of traction right now, and I thought it’d be great for readers of this forum! If you have a minute, check it out: This Guy Edits - Youtube Channel It was recently featured on several...
  9. ruanlotter

    Use Instagram Filters In Premiere Pro

    Don’t want to spend lots of time grading your videos? Slap on some Instagram goodness!
  10. ruanlotter

    Modo Tutorial - Shadow Catcher

    Heya - New tutorial on how to create and use a shadow catcher in Modo. For any Modo tutorial requests please let me know. Thanks for watching! r
  11. ruanlotter

    How to draw a storyboard (Even if you cannot draw)

    So in this tutorial I show you how to do a storyboard even if you cannot draw - like me :) Thanks for watching!
  12. ruanlotter

    MassFX with irregular meshes (Tutorial)

    In this tutorial I talk about using irregular shapes and meshes in your 3ds Max MassFX simulations. Cheerz! Ruan
  13. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Captain America Opening Title

    In this tutorial I show you how to create the Captain America Opening Title using After Effects - no 3rd party plugins required. Thanks for watching! Regards, Ruan
  14. ruanlotter

    Tutorial: Creating A Clean Plate From A Hand Held Shot

    One of the most crucial skills when doing VFX is creating a good clean plate from your shot. This can be very tricky if you only have one hand held shot and you simply cannot recreate the exact camera movement without the actor(s). This is how you do it! Like? Please subscribe!
  15. ruanlotter

    FumeFX Basic Training

    In this tutorial I show you the basics of using the amazing plugin, FumeFX for 3dsmax! With FumeFX you can create realistic fire, smoke and explosions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0wBkSRPuY0 Please consider subscribing so that I can continue making these tutorials for you! Thanks! Ruan
  16. ruanlotter

    VFX Tutorial (Speed Ramp Head Shot)

    Heya Everyone, My first Tutorial on this forum - please have a look and let me know what you think! More coming soon. Thanks for watching!! Cheerz, Ruan
  17. N

    British Columbia - Safe Driving Awareness

    Here is a link to the video for Awareness Of Safe Driving contest being sponsored in British Columbia. http://youtu.be/z3uukdA9eUY